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Friday, October 28, 2011

In the woods....with facade bricklaying

Ok, so it's not completely finished, they still need to brick above the garage, and some places on the balcony. But you will get the general idea.....

Today I took my 3 year old son up for some light entertainment. I should have packed morning tea because we sat on the footpath for a good half an hour just watching bricks travel up the conveyer, mortar mixing and brick laying. He loved it! I think the brickies thought I had rocks in my head.

I was extremely pleased to see that they had rectified the brick work....Here is a before and after shot.
Sorry guys, the blue looking pics were taken right on dusk. Hence the colour.

I dedicate this post to Paul, a dear friend who has been giving me a rough time for not  posting of late. Paul, I hope this gives you a fix

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