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Thursday, October 13, 2011

In the woods....With the latest

Bricking News
Bricklayers returned yesterday. They will be laying bricks for another week or so. Had a chat to the brickie who asked if I was happy with their work? Hello, are you stupid, why on earth would I complain if I was happy? I shouldn't be so mean........

Kitchen News
Yesterday I received a call from Timpelle Kitchens advising they would need to reduce the draws and kitchen bench by 10cm because of the increased size of the fridge cavity. The issue lies with the No-Name Building company not taking the wall back under the stairs. Instead, they pulled the fridge cavity wall forward taking up valuable kitchen space! Timpelle picked this up when the went to the house to do a final measure. Spoke to Shane our SS about it yesterday. He is checking it out today.

Plumbing News
In addition to this, our SS also mentioned Timpelle Kitchens sent him an email saying the kitchen plumbing is in the incorrect place and needs to be moved! WTF??? How did that happen???? Again, our SS will check this out today. I wonder how they move it? I think they will need to dig up the slab.?

Fingers crossed I will get some answers to the Roof tiles, kitchen plumbing and Fridge cavity today.

All I can say is thank goodness Timpelle is on the ball

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