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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

In the woods...with an update

Well, the house was completed on 10 February. We had Howard Ryan inspect the property last Friday for defects and we were supposed to get a Handover date then too.  We are still waiting despite calls to our SS and Construction Manager. Waiting waiting waiting......

Here are some pics, I will post a little later about logistics and the inspection report

Completed kids bathroom. The post it notes indicate defects

Upstairs hall


Outdoor table we purchased

Outdoor seats

facade entry

Alfresco and backyard

Driveway done

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

In the woods.....with picfest

Leisure looking out
Alfresco looking in

Kitchen looking out to backyard

kitchen bench/ sink
Kitchen sink  

Butlers Pantry shelving. The opposite wall is being fitted with white poly cabinetry incorporating pot draws, cupboards, overhead cupboards , sink, oven, fridge
Dune front door and garage with Austral Blackstone bricks

Kitchen - the cabinetry next to the fridge space will be replaced with a flush cabinet
Looking back from rumpus to kitchen
Kids bathroom (mirror still needs installing)

Kids bathroom with shower shot 

Powder room  



Ensuite bath - grouting needs to be changed to dark

Ensuite with shower "room" on left
Ensuite  shower with rainwater roof ceiling mounted shower

Kitchen - shark edge

Rumpus looking towards Alfresco  

Upstairs verandah

Sunday, February 12, 2012

In the woods.......with excitement

yesterday the tilers were finishing off the kids bathroom and kitchen. We used the opportunity to have a look at the progress made this week.

We were surprised to see that everything has been completed except for-

- Glass splash back

- Power point covers

- Bath, mirror and cabinet installation in kids bathroom.

Painters were there on Friday which is dissappointing as my SS went to great lengths of telling me they could not paint in the rain/ humidity due to potential for paint peeling. Yet, they were painting externally in the deluge of rain we had. Maybe my SS wasnt aware they were painting.

So in addition to the above the driveway and external painting needs to be completed.

I thought I would be really disappointed with the shelving in the butlers pantry. There is plenty of it and the quality is fantastic.

I still need to get the walk in robes measured for cabinetry. I am getting Mighty Kitchens - the company who is fitting out the Butlers pantry, to do soft close draws for our WIR.

Yesterday I ordered the plantation shutters from Quality Blinds an Shutters in Petersham. They have a 6 week production time.

Still loads to do, and plenty to buy. It is a little overwhelming. I have accepted that there is no way I can possibly buy everything before we move in. There isn't enough time. Little by little, bit by bit..

my iMac is fixed and I will pick it up tomorrow. Check back tomorrow night as I may have down/ uploaded a stack of photos for you.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

In the woods with.......broken iMac

Hey, I haven't posted for a while as my iMac blew up last weekend. It is at the iMac hospital as we speak and I may have it back on Monday. I have taken photos' problem is they can't be downloaded until I get the iMac. . I just tried uploading photos from my iPad and it doesn't seem to work damn it! Sorry no photos this week.

The good news is that inside is almost complete. This week has seen
- alfresco area grouting completed
- door furniture and bathroom towell racks and toilet racks installed.
- white poly cabinetry in ensuite replaced with nocturne oak cabinetry. Tiling also completed in this bathroom
- replacement of barback in white poly kitchen due to a join which was not indicated on the kitchen plans (another error for the list )
- wardrobe and butlers pantry shelving installed
- plumbers were there today probably installing taps, baths and connecting plumbing.
- railing on front porch. This was partly installed last week however there was an issue with the order and the main piece did not get produced. (just another one to add to the list)

So, what is remaining
- glass splash back in kitchen
- 1 row of tiling to be completed around kitchen barback where it was replaced
- we are waiting for feature tiles from overseas for the kids bathroom. They were supposed to be delivered yesterday. Here is a tip for anyone selecting tiles - ask if they have the tiles in stock. If they don't choose something else. We made the mistake of buying overseas tiles that were not in stock and this is holding things up. They had to import some tiles for the porch, powder room and kids bathroom. You think selecting tiles in August would leave enough time for importation and customs clearance.
- carpet
- drain in front of driveway
- driveway

To my neighbors behind.......sorry I haven't responded to your email. I thought you guys had moved out. Hopefully you have settled into your rental. Great news that demolition is starting on Monday. Not long now until your build starts. Samuel will be in his element with your house being built and our side neighbors! Maybe we can meet at the park sometime over the weekend? I should preface that with if i have recovered from my food poisoning!

To Paul, sorry I haven't replied to your email either. Enjoy the update :)

Next time we meet I will tell you a bit about our landscaping meeting