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Thursday, October 20, 2011

In the woods....with a letter to no name building company

Guess your wondering where I have been?.......

I've been here,  just taking a low profile as there has not been any progress . Well, there has been progress, just not onsite.

Last Friday we thought it prudent to communicate the quality control issues experienced  to date to a senior executive within the company.  Our concern being that we have picked up most of the problems. This makes us wonder about the quality control processes in place.

The Senior Executive we wrote to was also quick to meet with our SS and Construction Manager. He responded with answers within 72 business hours. I think he missed the point of the communication  which was to make him aware that customers are experiencing unnecessary delays due to quality control and workmanship.

I must preface this with our SS and Construction Manager have been extremely responsive in trying to resolve these issues. They generally have taken up to 24 hours to have a resolution. Thing is, we cant help but think some of these issues could have been prevented or picked up during the build process if the tradesman were on  the ball.

Now, I am note sure if its a fluke that we have had several incidents or if its normal. I'll let you decide. Here is a short summary

- Contractors pulled down a fence we had erected to keep them out of a landscaped area. They have promised to re-excavate the area
- Excavators crushed the main street sewer line that runs through the property resulting in Sydney Water attendance - delay 2 days
- No bricks available - this was only known the day they were supposed to be delivered - delay 2 weeks. Makes us wonder if they were actually ordered.
- incorrect mortar joint - 2 days delays as walls were pulled down and rebuilt
- Quality of bricklaying - 1 day delay whilst 3 areas were rebuilt
- Roof tiles different shades - roof tiles need to be pulled down then rebuilt with new ones. Potential delay 3-4 days
- frame overhang by 25mm in one place on the slab- this was fixed with epoxy. We are waiting for engineers report
- kitchen plumbing not in correct slab location- to be moved 2cm.
- Fridge cavity in to be moved 10cm under stair

So, what do you think....are these normal hiccups of building a new house?

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