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Friday, November 4, 2011

In the woods...with an update

Well, well, well..the brickies finally finished today. Amazing..... that seemed to drag on forever....... On Monday the bricks should be cleaned, so I will reserve my judgement until then.

I got the brickies a case of beer as a thank you. Hopefully the news spreads and the other tradies will carry out their work with diligence and effeciency so we can get into the house! Somehow, I don't think a case of beer will cut it.

So, what is planned for the next week or so?

- Roof tiles to be replaced (supposed to be yesterday and today, but I am not sure what has happened)
- Monday is brick cleaning
- Tuesday eaves gyprocking and painting

I have some pics to share with you now, but will take some after the bricks have been cleaned.

What else can I tell you? Our lovely neighbours behind are doing a KDR with the same building company as us. They are at DA stage, cant wait to see their house go up.We were lucky to receive a $500 referral cheque from the no-name Building company which we are going to split with them.

The other big news is that no. 19 (the white house in some of my pics) next to us has sold and they have just submitted a DA to council on behalf of the new owners who live next door! (the house doesn't settle until December, so I guess they are doing the new owners a favour by submitting it). My beautiful neighbours on the other side moved out today. They were such nice gentlemen.  
So lots happening around us .

Front Entry

My "quiet" front room, where I will sit and watch the passing parade free of kids

Powder room downstairs

Butlers Pantry (2nd kitchen to be fitted out when we move in)

Kitchen with glass window splashback

Lounge/ Dining

Rumpus looking back into lounge/ dining/kitchen

Rumpus looking over to Alfresco

Alfresco area (roof still to be laid)

Looking from Kitchen to backyard
Double garage

Media or spare room? Still undecided

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