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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

In the wood....with Sydney Fence Builders

I have had a couple of requests for the details of our Fence company.

Sydney Fence Builders
Ph 0410 491 343

Out of three quotes obtained he was the most professional and the cheapest. Ray is a really nice guy, responsive, helpful and sincere.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

In the woods....with some photos

Hello, well I finally found my camera cord and have some photos to share with you. Sorry they are not in order.........

Dekker Landscapes are doing all outside work with the exception of the boundary fence. We have been in the house for about 7 weeks...Landscaping has been a little slow, but I am sure it will be worth it in the end.

We are loving the deck area, it is lovely and sunny all day in this winter weather we are having.

I will post some more pics once the landscaping is complete. Possibly within two weeks.

Backyard, straight after the build, no landscaping

Dekkar Landscapes cleared/ graded the land prior to landscaping

Facade no landscaping
For KDR, we had to pay a demolition footpath bond and building bond. Both came to around $4k. In addition to this, it is the owners responsivility to replace the footpath, crossover and curb should it be required/ damaged. Dekkar Landscapes did this for us - it was almost $8k. Something for those doing a KDR to consider....
Part of front retaining wall using Boral Arena. Garden bed in front which will feature a hedge to cover the ugly green fence our neighbours wouldnt agree to replace! Dont blame them reallly.....
Deck and stairs made from Iron Bark wood with 4000 screws!. . The rail just needs to be painted to match the gutters. There is a seat with a lift up storage area just in front of the privacy screen. The seat against the wall conceals the aircon a little. On the right side of the Alfresco where it is tiled we will get glass "railings to wrap around this area. There is till some work to be done here....
Deck - Alex Dekkar Landscapes built this also

Matilda Turf being laid, you may also see the garden beds that were created by Dekkar Landscapes. Hedging will go in once the fencing is done.

Grass completely done. The house behind is another KDR with Wisdom. The house on the left is another KDR.

This side is still to be done. Dekkar landscapes will return next week after the fence goes in. They will be putting in an ag line, stormwater pipe and decorative river pebble to match other side. It has been a bit of a juggling act trying to get the neighbours next door to agree to a new fence. Given there are safety issues (my 2 and 4 year olds can easily fit under their fence) we decided to wear the full replacement cost despite them being liable as they pulled it down without our consent. The boundary fence is the only landscaping item Dekkar Landscapes is not doing as we were able to source another fencing contractor about $2k cheaper. We had a DA condition that the fence had to be 1.8metres high plus 600mm lattice, effectively taking the fence to 2.4m high. Ridiculous!

Front - steps to front door. These will be tiled in the same tiles to match front porch. Hopefully it is getting done this week.

Believe it or not there are $5k worth of plants here. The planting will happen once boundary fencing is erected this week

Brickies came last week and did the front fence. Again, Dekker landscapes organised this. We will be getting dune coloured inserts for front brick fence/ gate.
Butlers Pantry through the door, done post handover by Mighty kitchens. Not sure if you can see, but there is a mirrored splashback. Done in white poly

Butlers pantry with mirrored splash back. 

Butlers Pantry - right of photo is the main kitchen

Shelving in butlers Pantry. It is in desperate need of some organisation! It has turned into a dumping area!
Laundry - poly cabinetry completed after handover
This is the only room in the house almost completed. I still need light fittings and something for the wall


Love my vintage chairs on the balcony! I think they add some softness to the facade
River pebbles up on side of the house. We have concreted one third of this side too, towards the front of the house

Front door balcony. Stairs to letterbox to be tiled in same tile. 

Ugly brown colourbond fence erection commenced yesterday. Its ok though, we are having a large hedge put in to cover it. The lawn has been laid. Just waiting on tiles, front brick fence inserts and garden beds to be planted

Tricky little access gate to aircon and under deck . The hose/ tap is also kept in here

Tiled alfresco area, to the right between the brick pier is where the wood deck sits
Combined Alfresco area is now about 45 squares. Excuse the kids toys!
Facade - clean bricks
This type of rose is being planted out the front

Sunday, May 13, 2012

In the woods....with kids rumpus

I purchased a red lounge from IKEA. A cheap one that I didn't mind if the kids got dirty as the cover can be removed. They also have a red dolls house and red play shop.

I used these as my starting point to design the room.

...Here is the mood board I created for the kids rumpus

Saturday, May 12, 2012

In the woods....with decorating

OK, so I found this piece of furniture and purchased it for our master suite. I had a vision in mind to mix it with a contemporary / classic look. I know it is not everyone's cup of tea, but I loved it.

This is what I came up with using

Click here to see the mood board

Love to here what you think. Do you LOVE it or HATE it?