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Thursday, September 29, 2011

In the woods with....roof tiling

Tiling commenced yesterday and should be completed by Friday. Just did a drive by now and they are not working probably because it is supposed to rain. Bummer.
Here are some pics

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

In the woods....with roof tile delivery

Well the tiles were delivered however it says they are Bristile Roofing Yeoman Shingle Coal instead of Classic Shingle Coal.....I called Bristile and apparently Yeoman used to be their old name. Why on earth would you call a range of bricks Yeoman! I can see why they changed it to classic.

In the woods....with erected gutters and fascia

Some (not so great quality) pics of the Dune Fascia and Ironstone gutter that was erected

Sunday, September 25, 2011

In the woods....with shoddy bricklaying?

Love to get your opinions on this......Some of our brickwork is hit and miss. You can clearly see the two styles of the bricklayers. One is neat, and the other is just messy and puts no love into it.

Where two walls meet, they are also putting this black foam/ rubbery material from the slab right up to where they are bricking - anyone know what the hell it is? And, will it be replaced with something

My other concern is it will be approx. 2 weeks since they commenced brick laying when they start the second storey. I is ok to leave bricks uncleaned for this long??

They put a rubbery sponge between some corner joints. I have no idea what for. Does anyone know?

To my untrained eye, this was the worst bit of laying to me.
The joints are really wide compared to other areas of the house

Again, the foam rubbery stuff has been inserted where the two walls meet. What is this stuff?

Messy, dirty bricks

In the woods....with delivered gutters and fascia

The gutters and fascia were delivered last Friday 23 September. Apparently they may start work on these as the bricks will be another week. I am thrilled with the colours we chose

Dune - Fascia (Lighter colour)
Ironstone - Gutters

In the woods .........with scaffolding

Our SS said bricklaying will cease for about a 1 week whilst the layers go to another site and the scaffolding is erected. Funny thing is the scaffolding was delivered Friday and erected Saturday.  I don't understand why the bricks couldn't continue with second story laying on Monday.

Call me cynical but makes me wonder if the bricks were not ordered or if Austral are out of stock again!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Monday, September 19, 2011

In the woods....with bricklaying

The bricklaying has commenced after an initial hiccup...

We have a new site supervisor and it seems the previous one did not communicate a change in mortar joints from flush to rolled. A quarter of a side wall was erected when we noticed and communicated the error to the no name building company. It wasnt a problem, the wall that had been laid was simply pulled down and laid again!

We made the change based on Austral's recommendation that Expressions Blackstone is best suited to a rolled joint which contradicted the No Name Building Company Admin Person recommendation.  The more experts we spoke to said rolled is the best joint......

Here is a pic of the facade.

Left side of house and front facade commenced

Rolled off white mortar with Blackstone Expressions as layed at Austral bricks

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

In the woods.....with first brick delivery

We did the drive by this morning and to our surprise the Austral Expressions Blackstone Bricks had been delivered.  Hopefully the bricklaying is about to start!