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Thursday, October 13, 2011

In the woods....wth roof tile update and plumbing update

Roof Tiles
Just met the Bristile Roof Tile rep and our SS onsite, and guess what there is a problem with the roof tiles. Apparently it is a Bristile production issues whereby the "gloss" sealer does not entirely coat the tile resulting in an overall matt finish. Looks like it was a whole pallet of tiles! When the bricklaying is completed next week, the tilers will return to pull up the tiles and relay new ones. This will cost us an additional 4 day build time. Bugger.

Kitchen Plumbing
The plumbing has to be moved 25mm which our SS assures me isnt a big deal.

Still dont know the outcome of the fridge cavity.....The SS was just checking it out.....Will keep you posted

A good lesson for all.....If you are building make sure you keep a close eye on the progress. We are very lucky to live one block away and are able to check on the progress daily.

Hi Paul!

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