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Sunday, October 2, 2011

In the woods......with completed roof tiling (well almost)

The  tilers finished up on Friday however there is a stack of tiles still left out the front.... I gather these are for the undercover Alfresco area and will be used one the brickies build the piers next week.  I am happy with the colour, I thought the overall look would be much darker than it is.

The bricks were also delivered on Friday and  3 pallets have overflowed onto the footpath. There is only 6.5 metres set back and the property is 12.75 m wide.The builder is having trouble working in such a small space. The front yard looks like a garbage tip there is so much building material crammed into a small space. I guess that's why we paid the no name building company charge a $10k premium to build in our area.

The brickies are apparently back either Tuesday or Wednesday so we should see some progress then. 

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