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Monday, October 3, 2011

In the woods......with tile colours

Guess its about time I shared some of my internal colour choices.

We are having Osprey Ceasarstone in all bathrooms and White Polyutheryne in the Powder room and kids bathroom.


Can I first say that we visited Di Lorenzo Tiles, 3 or 4 times before we found Gisele. Everyone prior to Gisele lacked passion and were only slightly interested in assisting us. Gisele turned out to be our gorgeous consultant who had an amazing ability to inspire us to go with something other than white.  She was patient, knowledgeable and creative.

CHING CHING $$$$$$$$$
We were a little disappointed to find out there are charges for almost every tile above 200 x 200. The no name building company tender included an allowance of $25m2....Well, they shouldn't have bothered really. Most the $25m2 tiles are 200 x 200mm in size. Do people tile with this size anymore?

For those building make sure you ask if there are additional charges for
- different size tiles
- wet areas
- different tiles types eg: porcelian tiles attract a premium
- Grout joints (there are different rates if you want a 1.5mm joint as opposed to a 3mm joint.
- coloured grout
- underlay
- silicone
- ching ching, ching ching

Here are some examples of charges we experienced:
- Floor to ceiling - depends on what tile, we ended up doing all 3 bathrooms
- Outdoor leisure areas - labour to lay risers, underlay costs
- Labour to lay polished porcelain $36m2 (includes 1.5mm joint)
- Suppply conflex glue for porcelain tiles $38m2
- Wet areas - underlay $24m2 
- Silicone to ceiling height $100 flat rate
- different floor wastes $78 for 2

Powder room
This is the only bathroom/ shower downstairs so we figured an impact had to be made. It is one of the first rooms you see when entering the house. Our objective has always been to spend big in the bathroom downstairs/ hallway/ kitchen etc.

This bathroom whilst it is the smallest in the house is costing us the most. The main cost is a floor to ceiling wall of Italian mosaic tiles........The vanity is white poly with Osprey ceasarstone, shark edge cupboards

Italian Mosaics - when laid, I will refer to this wall of mosaics as the $2k wall!

On the wall we will be laying 600 x 200 Trio White - high gloss white tiles laid horizontal

On the floor 600 x 300  matt porcelain tiles.
600 x 300 matt porcelein tiles for the floor (not the best shot)


We wanted the ensuite to have a modern and sophisticated feel. Again we are going for more classic colours.
Ceasarstone - Osprey

Vanity - Nocturne Oak

Tiles - we are going with the below tiles excluding the mosaics. The larger lighter beige is for the walls, and the smaller triangle shaped one is for the floor. The large dark 600mm by 300mm mosaic looking tile is a feature tile around/ on top of the bath. This will tie in nicely with the Nocturne Oak and give some warmth to the area.

Main bathroom
For the kids bathroom we are going for large 600 by 300mm white tiles on the wall with a metallic grey tile on the floor and a striped feature tile around/ on the bath (another shocking picture taken by me). Ceasarstone will be Osprey and cabinets white Poly

Internal floors

We are going with a mushroom coloured polished full bodied porcelain tile 600 x 600. In the picture below it is the 2nd row, first tile.  These tiles will be laid in all rooms downstairs with the exception of the powder room, study and media room. The second tile in the first row is the matt porcelain we are using in the powder room (a less slippery version matt version)

 Back Alfresco area
These tiles will ensure the internal living area flows nicely into the Alfresco area. They are a very similar colour to the internal tile

Front Porch

Here are the front porch tiles, they are a 600 x 600 tile called Ecolight and have a combination of our external colours of Dune, Ironstone and black flecks.

So, there you go, see it was easy to spend an additional $17k on tiles wasnt it? 

What?You want to see the carpet too? Well, ok then here is another bad shot. The carpet was upgraded too and cost an additional $3k. I know, its a bad photo, sorry. The colour is a few shades darker than the tiles.

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