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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In the woods....with Plantation shutters and blinds.

I had my first quote for plantation shutters (facade) and roller blinds today.  Quality Blinds and Shutters (59 Crystal Street, Peterhsam ph 1300 135 831) was recommended to me by an Interior Design Lecturer.

I was happy with the quote (it was $6500) but had better get a second quote just in case. I doubt there will be huge differences. Most plantation shutters these days are between $300 - $360 sq metre.


  1. Hi Superwoman,

    Was that quote just for Plantations on the front and roller blinds on the rest?

    I had my whole previous house done with plantations in wood (as you can also get plastic) and that cost $9.8k that was for approx 21 windows some really large and three large doors with roller blinds as it was more practical.

    Have a look at Urban Lane

    They are fairly competitive and get direct from the manufacturer.

  2. Sorry forgot to mention one thing with Shutters where they clip into the window bracket our friends had a plastic clip in bracket and has deteriorated in the heat and needs replacing after only 5 years. With the ones we got they had metal magnet so no chance of that and the bracket hinge was white so it matched as a lot do metal which with white shutters doesn’t look the best.

  3. plantation shutters indeed help me a lot on what could be the best shutters for my property.. They would give great advice with reasonable price!!!