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Sunday, January 15, 2012

In the woods...with tiling

The tiling commenced on Saturday. James (the tiler from Di Lorenzo) phoned on Friday asking me to pop by on Saturday to discuss the laying of 300 x 600 tiles in wet areas.  Luckily James had the diagrams/plans as there was a change I had previously made directly Di Lorenzo had not not been communicated to James the tiler

I was so excited to see the tiles again......James will be tiling for about a week.

The kitchen should be installed this week, and I am told that from there, it should only be 4 or so weeks before we can move in.

Here are some pics

Ensuite tiles - they are a white/ beige with tiny flecks of black/ brown. To be grouted with 1.5mm space

Laundry - matt porcelain with 1.5mm grout (still needs to be grouted!)

Kids bathrooom - these are a metallic black colour

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