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Monday, January 16, 2012

In the woods.....with more tiling pics

So,  I managed to get another look at the tiling late this afternoon and was very pleased at the progress.

They had started tiling the white walls in the kids bathroom (no grout as yet). In addition to the white wall tiles,  I have selected a black, grey. white striped tile which will be laid horizontal around the bath. In this bathroom there will also be Osprey ceasarstone with white poly cabinetry

White tiles laid horizontal - no grout applied

For a very neat finish, we upgraded to these little contraptions so the tilers could work with a square wastage drain as opposed to a circular.  They actually tile the "lid" of the drain for neatness. I must say though, the tilers work around the drains is immaculate, and if I knew it was going to be this good, I wouldn't have bothered with these special drains. From memory, they were about $60 each, or was that for two? There are some pics below so you know what I mean.

This bathroom will have Osprey ceasarstone with white poly cabinetry.

It's funny, I am spending the most money on tiles in the powder room and I think it maybe the bathroom I like the least.....Wish I had gone for the floor tiles on the wall too, instead of stark white....Anyway, lets wait and see until its all laid before making final judgement.

Alright, photo isnt the best, but you can see top right how the round drain sits lower than the tiles. The little "lid" bottom right of the pics sits over the drain.

This is the powder room tiles - the most expensive wet room in the house, and I think the one I will like least.

OMG, the ensuite is looking amazing. I think it will perfectly look just I wanted it too. My inspiration was The Observatory Day Spa in Sydney . I love the colour scheme and ambiance it is starting to create. They still need to add the grout.

Cant wait to see it with the dark wood cabinetry and dark brown/ black tiles around bath.

. Here are more pics, they have almost finished the floor to ceiling tiling......

close up of ensuite wall tile

Left side - Ensuite floor tile, right side - ensuite wall tile

It is a bit of a chameleon, the colour looks different in this shot

Ensuite Shower space

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