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Monday, January 16, 2012

In the woods....with progress report

Went up to the house early this morning and met our SS to discuss the stairs. He is going to speak with the stair manufacturers to determine if they can trim back the last stair to be in line with the second last stair. Turns out that the stairs had been built differently anyway to the construction drawings, so hopefully we may not have to pay for making this change.
The bottom stair will be reduced in size inline with the 2nd last stair so the entry point thoroughfare is wider

The tiling is coming along nicely, James the head tiler called and asked me to go down to the site to discuss wet room wall tile direction. We are having the 300 x 600mm laid horizontally.

I dropped back in late this afternoon to ensure the delivered wall tiles were correct before they commenced laying them. I was delighted to see my shimmery mosaics......cant wait to see them laid.

What else is news? The kitchen is being delivered tomorrow and installed on Wednesday......

On our walk through this morning, our SS thought we didnt have enough lights, so he is getting a price on adding some downlights over the stairs and in the hallway upstairs.

You never know, we could just be in the house by the end of February at this rate. (or, maybe March LOL!)

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