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Thursday, February 9, 2012

In the woods with.......broken iMac

Hey, I haven't posted for a while as my iMac blew up last weekend. It is at the iMac hospital as we speak and I may have it back on Monday. I have taken photos' problem is they can't be downloaded until I get the iMac. . I just tried uploading photos from my iPad and it doesn't seem to work damn it! Sorry no photos this week.

The good news is that inside is almost complete. This week has seen
- alfresco area grouting completed
- door furniture and bathroom towell racks and toilet racks installed.
- white poly cabinetry in ensuite replaced with nocturne oak cabinetry. Tiling also completed in this bathroom
- replacement of barback in white poly kitchen due to a join which was not indicated on the kitchen plans (another error for the list )
- wardrobe and butlers pantry shelving installed
- plumbers were there today probably installing taps, baths and connecting plumbing.
- railing on front porch. This was partly installed last week however there was an issue with the order and the main piece did not get produced. (just another one to add to the list)

So, what is remaining
- glass splash back in kitchen
- 1 row of tiling to be completed around kitchen barback where it was replaced
- we are waiting for feature tiles from overseas for the kids bathroom. They were supposed to be delivered yesterday. Here is a tip for anyone selecting tiles - ask if they have the tiles in stock. If they don't choose something else. We made the mistake of buying overseas tiles that were not in stock and this is holding things up. They had to import some tiles for the porch, powder room and kids bathroom. You think selecting tiles in August would leave enough time for importation and customs clearance.
- carpet
- drain in front of driveway
- driveway

To my neighbors behind.......sorry I haven't responded to your email. I thought you guys had moved out. Hopefully you have settled into your rental. Great news that demolition is starting on Monday. Not long now until your build starts. Samuel will be in his element with your house being built and our side neighbors! Maybe we can meet at the park sometime over the weekend? I should preface that with if i have recovered from my food poisoning!

To Paul, sorry I haven't replied to your email either. Enjoy the update :)

Next time we meet I will tell you a bit about our landscaping meeting

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