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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

In the woods with....incorrect delivery

The kitchen and bathroom vanities were delivered today ready for installation tomorrow. The white poly kitchen, powder room, and main bathroom all look great. I am really happy we upgraded. The en-suite double vanity was unfortunately in white poly too and not nocturne oak. You know what that means! Delays.

What else....mmmm....I just received an alternate solution to the stair problem.....Just considering it now.

Tiling has slowed to a halt. Yesterday there were 4 tilers, 3 this morning and 1 when I visited this afternoon. Problem? They had run out of tiles. Of course I called the SS and told him about the tile and vanity situation.....I am so glad we live one block away and can monitor what is happening at the house several times per day!

I also received a quote today for fitting out the Butlers Pantry. A relative recommended and used this company recently for a poly/ ceasarstone kitchen. Timpelle Kitchen wanted $4800 for a 3 metre line laminate under bench cabinetry. I am getting 3 metres of white poly, sharknose under bench and above bench cabinetry! This is with a gloss laminate top.  If I want to upgrade to Ceasarstone it is an additional $1500. My husband thinks we should get the ceasarstone so it matches the main kitchen may be overkill though for a second kitchen?  Bye


  1. Hi,

    Ive been folliwng your blog as i too am building the same house but not up to construction stage yet. How many squares is yours? I have a couple of Questions to ask....

    How much did it cost you for your tile upgrades approx?
    How much did it cost you to add on the extra alfresco?
    Did you widen the ensuite doorway or is this the standard size?


  2. Hi Hills111, I am sending you a PM on the homeone forum with the answers.