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Sunday, November 27, 2011

In the woods....with a catch up

Sorry I have not posted for a while guys, we have been on a small holiday to Kingscliff. We stayed at a fantastic child friendly resort there.......only problem was kids and I got sick and we flew back early on Friday before their ears were affected . Every time we fly somewhere with the children they get sick.....My husband thinks it will be the last time we fly until they are a little older...... he wants to stay within a 2 hour drive radius from Sydney!!!

The house is progressing very slowly......

We met 4 No-Name building company  representatives including the Construction Manager who is lovely , our current SS,  our new SS and a quality control guys who is responsible for getting the little things right before PCA. In this meeting, it was our opportunity to talk about the parapet wall and anything else of concern pre-building inspection and PCA

I have detailed the issues discussed below as they maybe a handy reference for those who are also just about to commence internal linings

1.parapet wall
- capping on wall is dented and will be fixed
- acid burn on brick wall will be cleaned/ neutralized

2. Metal above external window and door frames frames will be painted to match brick colour

3. Birds nests
- the ones in the garage will be removed by cutting out the wood in areas affected
- the 1st floor birds nests were removed at our meeting

4. Nails between bricks and frame
- these will be connected to frame prior to PCA

5. Window gaps
- these will be covered with an aluminum angle that blends in with the existing frame

6. Alfresco roof tiling is incomplete

7. Plasma blocks will be placed in media /lounge room, dining and rumpus areas

 8. We advised the No-name Building company that the skip bin delivery cracked the newly replaced council footpath (located opposite end of driveway)

9. Downstairs doorways all need to be raised to accommodate the upgraded door size

10. Header to be placed at entry point to guest/ home office

11. Engineers report will directly comment on the slab in particular 1) the epoxy fix on wall of the dining/ media room.

12.Hallway near fridge to be square set at 2340 high

13. The tv point in the ensuite is to be moved 1 stud over

14.The aircon ducts were moved from one side of the linen to the left side of the linen cupboard. Therefore the frame needs to be reversed so it doesn't have any impact on size and functionality of linen cupboard

15.Butlers pantry - Melamine shelving only to be placed on the left side as you walk in

16.The slab under the rumpus still has a large hole underneath and will be fixed with cement infill. This will have no affect on the structural integrity of the building

17. The top part of the fridge cavity framework will need to be cut out so that the staircase can be installed. This has no affect in the structural integrity of the frame when rebuilt and / or the staircase

18. We are to send an email addressing demolition date as building commencement date.

What else is news? Well, we had two opinions on the parapet wall- one says it was fine and within standards. Our usual consultant, who is also a forensic consultant, and expert witness and arbirtrator says the problem is with the length of the wall. The brickies did a great job with an unfortunate situation. It could have been done a little differently to make it less obvious like blending the half bricks through in different areas. His comments of "what is reasonable" made us realise if it went before the Dept. of Fair Trading hearing then the outcome would probably be that Wisdom had done a "reasonable" job. To us it stands out like a sore thumb as we are aware of it.

Our Building Consultant did his inspection on Thursday and picked up minimal problems that the builder / or us had already identified pre-inspection and PCA.

Tradesman came and measured stair areas and gyprocking is  due to commence on Tuesday. The front doors and garage door still have not been installed.

The front of the house has been cleared of building materials so I will try and get some pics of it and internals now aircon has been laid.

The No-name building company told us that we will be in by Easter next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really hope it is earlier.......

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