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Friday, November 18, 2011

In the woods....with parapeet roof, Alfresco roof tiling and electricals

Busy day up at the house today.

Electricians are there installing power points....I had asked the SS to call me when they were going to be on site so I could talk about power point positions. He didn't. I ended up going on site with my 2 and 3 year old in tow...Had a quick chat about hanging a plasma/ LCD on the wall, he reckons it wont hold it! He also mentioned that it is easy for my brother in law (an electrician) to add in another power point should it be required. I was so peeved after the site new Birkenstocks got covered in wet concrete damn it!

The roof tilers were also up laying the tiles on the Alfresco area. They have another days work ahead of them.

We have had one Building Consultant's opinion on the parapeet wall brick laying we were not happy with. In addition to this, we have engaged the services of an additional building consultant regarding the wall and are waiting for his response. At least by seeking two opinions we will know for certain if it can(not) be fixed.

I dont have any photos to share today.....I will get some over the weekend...



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