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Monday, November 14, 2011

IN the woods....with what the....another brick issue?

I have attached some pics of the brickwork above the garage.......Do you think the bricks vary in size? Look closer.....Have you spotted it yet?

I knew I wasnt imagining things.......

I took a photo, and zoomed in on the computer, then measured the percentage variances. I estimate the variances are between 25 - 30%

I thought, ok, it may have been done deliberately as alot of them are around the centre.  So, I went and looked at 3 other similar houses in my area, just in case it is done for structural reasons. And guess what the bricks were the same size in the houses I looked at.

I have asked my SS to review the pics and confirm these differences are not within the allowed variances. I will let you know the outcome

In addition to this, there is yellow staining in the mortar on the top few rows...I have to do some research, but I think it is because the mortar is oxidising. Can anyone help with a explanation please?


  1. It's obvious that the length of your wall falls somewhere between 23.5 and 24 bricks (including mortar).

    It actually looks like a pretty schmick job all things being equal - you were either looking at a full-sized brick and a cut-down fraction of a brick (which would have looked worse and I'm not sure if that's even possible if the bricks are not solid-core), or two bricks cut down to the same (slightly smaller) size.

    As for the mortar well it doesn't appear that your bricks have been (fully) cleaned yet so it might just be a bit of gunk on the bricks in that section of the wall which is highlighted by the sunlight plying on them.

  2. That's what our consultant said - the bricklaying was schmich! The building company will clean the bricks ( I think they called it "neutralised") when the bottom of the bricks are cleaned