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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

In the woods.....with more headaches?

The brick cleaners came on Monday. They cleaned the bricks but in doing so, managed to soak the cornices which were stupidly stored in the garage (no garage door). Then it rained Monday, then Tuesday. I alerted the No-Name Building company of this issue first thing on Monday. No return calls.....Email sent in the afternoon.....No return calls or email.  I have noticed that the construction people don't put anything in writing! Each time we have met, called etc, I have been making a point of summarising our conversations via email.....Anyway, my immediate concern was that the cornices would become so wet that they were unusable. A call to the Consrtuction Manager who assured us that the SS (did I tell you we have a new one?) would inspect it prior to installation to ensure it was ok to use. We are still waiting to hear the outcome, but are assuming everything was AOK as the gyprockers were up there yesterday cutting it to size, then installing it upstairs today

The electricians look as if they have paid a visit. Most of the electricals have now been pulled through the gyprock downstairs.

All I want is the stairs to be installed so I can take a good look around upstairs. I can only imagine what issues I will find there!

What else mmm....

The No-Name Building company recommended we put a header at the entry point to the study in case we wanted to closed it off in the future. I reluctantly agreed. At the time I thought it was suspicious being  asked if we wanted something for free! I noticed yesterday that the header is a different size (height) to the other rooms with doors. A smaller door on that room will look quite odd when compared to the other upgraded doors downstairs. I have asked them to change this but are still waiting..........waiting....waiting........pass the popcorn......

Let me see if I have any photos to share........Oh,  the other big news is that there are noticeable irregularities to approximately 15 bricks on the left hand side of the facade, Again, we have alerted the No-Name Building Company and are waiting for their response. Tomorrow I am going to send them a comprehensive email detailing everything that has not been addressed to date. In addition, I will create a post detailing the issues we have experienced to date with the No Name Building Company. Photos of the facade is below......

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