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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Into the woods...with a few more hiccups!

I noticed the week before Christmas that the laundry door was not trans laminated glass as per our tender, but the balcony door on the upstairs front verandah was. My SS investigated and came back to say that the Carpenter switched the doors in error. The No Name Building company said they could do a direct swap of the glass or trans laminate the laundry door at no cost. From memory we didn't trans laminate the balcony door as we will be getting white plantation shutters on the door to break up the very dark brick. I need to let him know when they re-open for business in the new year. I could save myself some serious dollars and ask them to keep the trans laminate on the balcony and just buy a large white/ dune plantar box?

On Christmas Day I noticed that all external doors are incorrect. They should be painted dune, however stained doors have been installed. They will need to change this as we wanted Dune doors to match the garage doors. I will let them know of this issue when they re-open

There is another No-Name Building house under construction approx. 4 kms from where we live. They commenced 3 months after our construction and are at the same stage as us! We seem to have issue after issue!

Went up to the house for a peek through the windows and it appears all architraves have been completed. The gyprocker is returning tomorrow to do under the stairs.

Despite the issues that we have encountered, things have progressed well over this break. We have been lucky that the company has given us the resources
Upstairs door - should not be trans laminate or stained

Laundry door - should be trans-laminated and not stained.

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