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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

In the woods....with a comedy of errors

Breathe, one. two. three.
Breathe. one. two. three
Breathe. one. two. three
If I dont laugh, I will cry......

These words are what I have had to repeat to myself in order to stay sane through the DA and build process . It's been a steep learning curve so far...The last little house we owned in Balmain was purchased already built, so we had zilch knowledge or experience of the build process. Thank goodness we didnt go up the owner/ builder route this time!! I can only imagine the stress levels of owner builders!

I have decided to write a post dedicated to the comedy of errors we have experienced so far. I will add to it as each memory comes back to haunt me!

Construction Process

  •  Main street sewer line smashed to pieces by plumber contractors when trying to re-install sewer to house
  • Brick choice out of stock and we had to wait 13 days for bricks
  • Bristille Roof tiles installed and completed. I noticed discrepencies in colours and a pallet of tiles had to be removed from the roof and relaid.

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