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Friday, December 16, 2011

In the woods.....with a pre-Xmas Update

Did the drive by about an hour ago and noticed the garage door had been installed. Its Dune in colour but sometimes looks, grey sometimes white, and sometimes cream depending on the light. Our bricks have the same illusion, sometimes black black, sometimes brown.......

Spoke to my SS who said the plan was to:
- Install stairs will happen next Monday
- The carpenters will return next Wednesday and work through the Xmas break
- Timpelle Kitchens booked tentatively for 17 January
- The Admin people at the No-Name Building company cant find my paperwork for Di-Lorenzo so this cant be booked in for January yet. Fingers crossed they find it today.

No Name Building company and our SS officially close for Xmas next Friday and re-open on the 9th January. We are so pleased that they have organised tradespeople to work through.

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