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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

In the woods.....with picfest

Leisure looking out
Alfresco looking in

Kitchen looking out to backyard

kitchen bench/ sink
Kitchen sink  

Butlers Pantry shelving. The opposite wall is being fitted with white poly cabinetry incorporating pot draws, cupboards, overhead cupboards , sink, oven, fridge
Dune front door and garage with Austral Blackstone bricks

Kitchen - the cabinetry next to the fridge space will be replaced with a flush cabinet
Looking back from rumpus to kitchen
Kids bathroom (mirror still needs installing)

Kids bathroom with shower shot 

Powder room  



Ensuite bath - grouting needs to be changed to dark

Ensuite with shower "room" on left
Ensuite  shower with rainwater roof ceiling mounted shower

Kitchen - shark edge

Rumpus looking towards Alfresco  

Upstairs verandah


  1. Hi Superwomen,

    Your house is looking great. Would you mind uploading or pm me a copy of your plans? Ive spotted a few things i want changed and would like to see overall what you have changed incase there is any more ideas for mine. Have you changed the alfresco size or anything?

    Would you be able to tell me the internal colours of walls, splash back, benchtops, tiles etc Possibly you have already posted but i cant seem to find it as im looking at colours for mine atm.

    Hills 111

  2. Sorry forgot to also ask.... did you upgrade any taps or shower screens or are they the standard as per prestige package? Also how much was your bathroom cupboards to upgrade?


  3. OMG, your house colors are amazing, superwoman!!
    I love all the color choices! Love it!