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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Into the wood.....with a new site supervisor

I received an email from our site supervisor saying the no name building company was going in a different direction and effective immediately he has ceased employment with them. WTF????

I worst fear is that the no name building company goes into Voluntary Administration. I only realised recently that the builders insurance only covers 20% of costs if this happens.....

So I called the no name building company first thing the next day and asked them what was going on. They were very surprised I even knew about the change given it had happened very late the previous day. It sounds like the termination was performance related......Luckily it wasnt my worst fear that they had gone into voluntary administration

The GM there advised a new SS would be starting in a few days. I think his name is Shane.  Hopefully he can sort out the whereabouts of these bricks!

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