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Sunday, September 25, 2011

In the woods....with shoddy bricklaying?

Love to get your opinions on this......Some of our brickwork is hit and miss. You can clearly see the two styles of the bricklayers. One is neat, and the other is just messy and puts no love into it.

Where two walls meet, they are also putting this black foam/ rubbery material from the slab right up to where they are bricking - anyone know what the hell it is? And, will it be replaced with something

My other concern is it will be approx. 2 weeks since they commenced brick laying when they start the second storey. I is ok to leave bricks uncleaned for this long??

They put a rubbery sponge between some corner joints. I have no idea what for. Does anyone know?

To my untrained eye, this was the worst bit of laying to me.
The joints are really wide compared to other areas of the house

Again, the foam rubbery stuff has been inserted where the two walls meet. What is this stuff?

Messy, dirty bricks

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