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Monday, August 29, 2011

IN the woods....with a 25% premium to mange demolition ?????!!!

So our two/ three bedroom 1940's house was demolished by Bassetts Demolition Company. It only took 4 days for the house to be demolished and most of those 4 days had light to medium rain. Our neighbours are keeping a keen eye on the house build and were super impressed by Bassets.

Our No-name building company organised the demolition and we paid them a 25% premium to manage this for us. Dumb idea in hindsight. It is so easy to organise yourself. The demo company needs to complete a work plan and a few other pieces of documentation then it's easy peasy to complete a DA application right?

Before the house was demolised we had a pre-demolition sale as the house had only been renovated two years prior. We ended up raising about $2.5k from the sale of a poly kitchen, stained glass windows/ door, Built ins, European appliances etc. Not a bad little bonus.

To advertise the pre-demolition sale I produced a blog with heaps of photos and placed an advertisement on directing traffic from there to the blog. It was a huge success and I had heaps of enquiries and sold what I wanted t sell.

Anyway, here is a video of part of the demolition

Here are some pics

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