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Sunday, May 13, 2012

In the woods....with kids rumpus

I purchased a red lounge from IKEA. A cheap one that I didn't mind if the kids got dirty as the cover can be removed. They also have a red dolls house and red play shop.

I used these as my starting point to design the room.

...Here is the mood board I created for the kids rumpus


  1. Love your colours for the rumpus.....the mood board looks fantastic, a great idea to see how things will work together.

    Good idea about a removable cover for the lounge......when my kids were little our 2nd hand me down lounge got trashed.

    Hope you are enjoying your new home

  2. Wow, love your red sofa!! I wish my DH allows me to buy that color....:(

    How's your landscaping progress? Alex hasn't sent me the quote...guess he's been busy with the baby??