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Friday, April 13, 2012

In the woods.....with Landscapers

The Dekker Landscapes commenced a few days after we received the keys. They will be doing
- a deck
- laying grass
- creating garden beds
- concreting
- restoration of footpath and crossovers
- front path inc. tiling to house
- retaining walls
- colourbond fences
- brick pier fences out front
- garden bed/ lawn out front.

I will post some before and after shots soon


  1. Hi Superwoman,
    I'm looking for landscaper too. Would you recommend Dekker ?
    Can't wait to see more pics...


    1. Lovely young, successful guy. Listens to what you want,he just "gets it" and reasonably priced. He has other landscapers on his team do the work, and he drops by a couple of times a day to ensure all is ok. I think he has a team of around 18. He is easy to get on with, and nothing is any trouble. Wisdom Landscapes quoted for the job and his quote was comparable. I would recommend him...

  2. Hi Superwoman, hope you are enjoying being in your new home...finally! We are nearly at the end of our build too. Are there any tips you can give me in terms if what to look out for upon final inspection besides the obvious ones? Hope to see pictures of your home soon, it must be stunning. Thanks

  3. Congratulations on nearing the end of your build. It is an exciting time.
    We had a Building Consultant do our final inspection so I cant really give you tips. By this time hopefully anything structural would have been identified and fixed, so you are really only looking at cosmetics....Things like paint, grout finishes, cornices, working taps, etc etc.

    The thing I do like to warn people of is Optical Haze if they have had polished porcelain tiles laid. Google an Article "optical Haze - a consumers perspective by Colin Cass to learn more about this issue.

    Good luck with handover, I hope your house is everything you imagined